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You have many stores and you need to receive payments for those stores, it is difficult to integrate the payment method for each store while you only have a single account. And we will help you with that. With the opening of stores on BeeCheckout system you just need to declare your account and receive payments easily.

  • Just a single account for every store
  • Easily integrated into your own website
  • Get quick payments for effective business
  • SEO and direct selling of products on your website without rebuilding your website
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Confidential and always secure

100% confidential and always secure. All customer data, the customer's business strategy product will be completely encrypted with the best algorithms. No one, including us, the system administrator can interfere with your data. You will not have to worry about your data information. You will be completely assured to implement the ideas and strategies in your business

Confidential and always secure

Easiest operation

BeeCheckout provides great features to support our customers, from product management, orders, customers to advertising campaigns to help customers achieve maximum efficiency in their business. .

Easiest operation with simple yet effective workflow. With a simple and responsive user interface on almost any device and a step-by-step wizard, BeeCheckout makes selling simple with just a few clicks.

Easy integration into all your existing system platforms

Easy integration into all your existing system platforms. You don't need to be a professional developer, don't need a lot of time and clear documentation to help you step by step integrate our services into your existing system.
With the flexible technical capabilities our system promises to be extremely easy to integrate and meet most other platforms.


Software distribution solutions

Provides a comprehensive solution that helps deliver information technology products to millions of customers worldwide

Receiving payments online is easy

BeeCheckout makes it easy for merchants to receive payments online with a variety of currencies and payment methods

The BeeCheckout Buy Button

The BeeCheckout Buy button allows you to create product purchase cards that can integrate purchases and payments that can be placed on any website without changing the current status of your website.

Sales anytime, anywhere with many of the store

With our platform you can sell all the items you want with many stores on the system.

Track and manage orders

Track and manage orders quickly and easily. From there can develop business more effectively

Effective online marketing

With an abundance of customers and thousands of trusted partners, BeeCheckout is also a channel to promote your products effectively.

Quickly create accounts and receive unexpected offers

Quickly create an account and receive incentives for new customers and make money effectively with us


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World e-commerce market entered the period of 'honeymoon'

In the context of consumers losing interest in shopping at traditional stores, the e-commerce market is seizing the opportunity to enter a time of strong growth. According to statistics, in 2016, there were 1.61 billion people worldwide purchased online. It is expected that worldwide online retail sales will increase from US $ 1,900 billion in 2016 to US $ 4,060 billion in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped boost the digital economy in Southeast Asia

Specifically, more than 40% of consumers surveyed in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand reported using home delivery service in April 2020.

Performance Marketing is not a "God".

A business is made up of many different blocks: Human Resources, Business, Manufacturing, Transportation ... in which Marketing, or Digital, or Performance, of course is important but it is only a part and not weak. The only factor that determines the success of that business